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Jennifer Crowe

Jennifer Crowe, PMHNP-BC


For some, considering utilizing medication for our mental health can be anxiety provoking.  I see medication as a tool in your belt to help you achieve your wellness goals. Some utilize medication for a short amount of time while they are working through life's challenges, others can't imagine taking on life without meds. I'm here to offer a judgement free experience to support you in your mental wellness journey. I specialize in assisting in struggles of neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism Spectrum, etc), trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. My patient population ranges from ages 4-90+. I am here to assist you or your child find peace in this life of chaos. We will work as a team to find treatment options that you feel informed and comfortable with from holistic nutraceuticals to the most effective medications available.

My career in mental health started when I worked as a Psych Tech on the floor of an inpatient psychiatric hospital after receiving my bachelor's degree in Family Social Science with a minor in family violence prevention and intervention at the University Of Minnesota. I've also worked with victims of domestic violence as a court advocate and a case manager for Partners- a youth mentoring organization. Seeing and experiencing the positive impact of treatment with psychiatric medication, I decided to go back to school. I participated in the Marquette University direct-entry program and became an RN while working on becoming a nurse practitioner. I worked inpatient as a psych RN on adult and pediatric units. After graduating, I became a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC).  My clinical residency experience included inpatient psychiatry, residential OCD, outpatient addictions, opioid use disorders- suboxone treatment. Since graduating, I've worked outpatient psychiatry in a primary care setting. This setting has allowed me to treat an amazingly diverse population with varying levels of acuity. So happy to offer even more assistance to the  gender diverse community at Identity Insights, LGBTQ2S+ and trans-affirming!


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