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Services We Offer to Begin Your Healing 
Gender and
Trans-Affirming Therapy

-Hormonal letter referrals
-Surgery letter referrals
-Addressing concepts of power, privilege, and gender 
-Mental health and gender identity living in rural areas
-Assistance navigating gender affirming medical referral process in Colorado
-Trained and lived experienced providers
-Affirming mental health support
Transgender flag
Girl on laptop

Couples Counseling

-Cyclical arguments

-Loss of "spark" in relationship

-Reignite passion and connection

-Communication difficulties

-Family dynamic issues or conflicts

-New parenting challenges

-Changes in mutual life goals as a couple

-Feeling emotionally distant from your partner

Couple Showing Affection
Couple Close Up

Comprehensive List of Services at Identity Insights

Intimacy and Sex Counseling
-Sexual addiction 
-Sexual dysfunction encompassing all genders
-Addressing sexual chemistry in partnerships
-Sexual assault counseling and support
-Achieving pleasure (emotional and sexual)
-Lifestyle competent and informed clinicians
-BDSM and kink safe space
-Ethically non-monogamous competent and informed clinicians
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