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Lesa Theaman, BA, Gender, Race, and Identity/Sociology, CAS, MSW-Intern

LGBTQ2S+, Trans-Affirming in training, Addiction, Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, Domestic Violence, and Mindfulness knowledgeable, CAS (Certified Addiction Specialist), and CAMS (Collaborative assessment and management of suicidality) trained.

In-person and virtual sessions offered.

Insurances Accepted:

Rocky Mountain Health Plan/United Healthcare (Medicaid only), Aetna


    Hello there! I am new to Identity Insights as of January 2024. I am passionate about the human condition, our solo and shared experiences, and how we find our place in the World. I enjoy working with diverse populations on areas including trauma, addiction, and reducing symptoms of depression and suicidality. 

    My Education:

    I am currently in my last semesters at the University of Nevada, located in Reno, NV. I graduate in the Summer. UNR also happens to be my alma mater, and I graduated with a dual BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Gender, Race, and Identity and Sociology in 2020. Colorado has always been my forever home, and I knew that I would be back.


    If you're interested in learning more about my services, please outreach our administrative team and

    request a consultation here

    Office Phone: 970-697-4169

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