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Joanna Metcalf, BA, ECE Certification

Administrative Assistant 


My own career path has been a windy road, but mental health and social emotional growth have always been core values. I learned to focus under pressure, problem solve, and find peace among chaos in my time as a pastry chef (beyond creating delicious desserts). As a preschool teacher, I strived to lay the foundation for emotional regulation and social skills in young children, support parents in understanding child development, and connect families in need with community resources. I have nurtured a love of music and instilled the importance of practice, dedication and persistence as a piano teacher. Juggling a dozen or more after-school schedules each week allowed me to hone my organizational abilities.


I am grateful to be on board with the Identity group to support clients and counselors in the service of our community. My own mental health journey is a daily practice. I have personally experienced the healing benefits of EFT, EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, dance, meditation, nature, crafting, music and art. Processing trauma and understanding who I am beyond labels, imposed beliefs and values, and mainstream culture has given me a key. The door to freedom and self love opens more each day.



BA in Music, New York University

ECE (early childhood education) certification, SFCC


For administrative outreach please contact me at 

Office Phone: 970-697-4169

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