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Katherine Hendrick, MFTC
Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate

Couples and Marriage Counseling, Kink/BDSM knowledgeable, Non-monogamous/Polyamorous knowledgeable, LGBTQ2S+ and Trans-Affirming in Training

Insurances Accepted:

Rocky Mountain/United Healthcare (Medicaid only), Aetna, Self pay


    As a queer person, I understand the struggles with gender identity and sexuality. I spent my younger years involved in musical theater, drama, and speech. Many people wonder if their desired dynamic is normal or acceptable, and feel shame over their curiosities and desires. I strive to reduce shame and reinstate curiosity so that we can have a more mindful connection with our own identities, our experiences, our bodies, and other people. 

     As a person with ADHD, I also understand neurodivergence and want to help neurodivergent people feel more comfortable with conversations around sex/navigate all of the social nuances involved in dating and relationships. My goal is to help people maximize their access to pleasure, find gender euphoria, heal broken trust, set boundaries, understand power exchanges and consent, and everything in between.

    I believe in fostering healthy conflict and communication in a way that partners can vulnerably express their needs, desires, fears, and pain. 

    My Education:

    My therapeutic approach is experiential in nature. Playfulness is a great means of reclaiming vulnerability, combating shame, and learning to trust. I am also an advocate to the Kink/BDSM community and believe in the playful healing that this sort of exchange can provide, if done safely and with the proper knowledge. As a new graduate of Capella University October 2023, I focus heavily on the dynamics and systems that are present. My undergrad from UNCO consisted of a degree in Spanish and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. My knowledge of the immigration, refugee, and second language acquisition experience helps me provide a culturally sensitive and validating environment for multicultural clients and clients of diverse backgrounds.


    If you're interested in learning more about my services, please outreach our administrative team and

    request a consultation here

    Office Phone: 970-697-4169

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