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Annette and Ada Academy for Presonal Development

Personalized Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Annette and Ada Stadelman

Annette and Ada are two local life coaches in Grand Junction CO, and the authors of 5 POINTS TO PEACE. As a mother daughter team, both are dedicated to helping others find their own inner path to PEACE! 


Annette and Ada work as collaborators with Identity Insights to provide wrap around services. They are LGBTQ+ friendly and eager to assist in getting your life back on track! Life coaching, in their words is "With coaching, there is no patient, doctor, or clinical relationship ~ but there IS conversation, teamwork, and equality between you and your coaches!"

Working with Annette and Ada, you will receive a customized 5 POINTS TO PEACE journey by closely looking at every area of your life:

  • How is your past affecting your life today?

  • What do you discover when you analyze your feelings, thoughts, behavior, and self-talk?

  • Does your current perception of yourself allow you to cultivate healthy relationships, or are you stuck in blame, codependency, manipulation, and conditional happiness?

Annette and Ada will teach you how to be aware of unhealthy aspects in your relationships and provide clear guidance for you to make the necessary changes in YOURSELF, so that everything else in your life can fall into place. You can’t change others, but you CAN change yourself!

Contact Annette and Ada below for more information about how life coaching can benefit you!

Annette and Ada's Academy for Personal Development
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