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The Value of Community

The voice of many has always been louder and stronger than the voice of one alone. In an area like Grand Junction, it can be difficult to find friends, those who share similar values, and who face the same struggles. At Identity Insights, I am pleased to announce the development of an upcoming community website that will further connect the LGBTQ+ and Ally community along the Western Slope!

I’ve encountered many individuals in my practice who’ve complained about a lack of resource information for transgender support groups, ally meet ups, LGBTQ+ event gatherings and more. Although many of these resources do exist and have been extremely beneficial to those who are able to find them, there is still the problem of segregation among the support groups available. My goal with the community website is to help fuse those resources into one central online location where everyone from the LGBTQ+ community can come for support, to share stories and struggles as a united front.

This website, which is free to users will be a safe place to make new friends, connect with new people, and to explore the community from a perspective of supporting your life. We will be bringing together the resources we know about, and offering the opportunity to highlight new resources for the LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is not only to highlight these great LGBTQ+ benefits and resources but to facilitate the development of new ones by coming together as a community and understanding what we have and don’t have as a community.

This website will be much more than simple social media. Not only will we have message boards, the opportunity to write about stories and triumphs, and to connect with others, but we will over time integrate with other social media platforms so you can share your life with your friends and others in the community. We hope this can help people overcome struggles they may have, find people who have faced what they are facing, and find strength in numbers and association with people who share their desires and goals in life.

Initially, we will make the community available to members at no cost in the Western Slope Area, but will eventually make resources available across all of Colorado.

Identity Insights is a proud sponsor of this site and will bring our own resources to help connect members of our community. As always we present the finest quality mental health at affordable prices to our LGBTQ+ community here in the Western Slope. As we build out this community site we will present options for other organizations to integrate their services and offerings to it, making resources for the whole community more accessible.

Devin Pinkston is a local mental health counselor and Gender Therapist in Grand Junction Colorado. Call to schedule a free consultation today at 970-644-2392.

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