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Need a Mood Boost? Try these Proven Tips

Like many of you when I'm scouring the net for information on tips and tricks to feeling better and boosting my mood, I'm looking for something unique and original. Many therapeutic articles almost always suggest the same things. Deep breathing, go outside, talk to friends, yada yada! Sound familiar? Well here are some hopefully new tricks of the trade that you can do at home or at work to boost your mood.

Dim the Lights!

If you aren't already sitting in a dark room, take a moment to turn off or turn down the lights. The brightness of fluorescent or other unnatural lighting at home or at work can increase the body's stress response. According to an article from PsychologyToday all fluorescent bulbs emit a "flicker" effect which can trigger migraines, tics, or even seizures! Think about the difference in how you might feel waiting in a corporate office setting with bright lights, versus a low lit department store. So turn down those lights and start relaxing!

Browse Adorable Animal Pics

Admit it, we've all spent time perusing cute cat videos on YouTube, or funny dog memes during our free time-or at work, no judgement! Have you ever noticed how those videos and photos make you feel? According to a study from it is suggested that taking time to look at animal photos can decrease levels of anxiety and stress, which in turn increasing serotonin, the chemical in the body that maintains the "happy feeling." Other studies suggest that watching cat videos specifically can also increase your productivity on tasks. Although adorable animal videos or pictures can also be the cause of procrastination, take some time out to aww and smile at those cute fur critters!

Engage Your Photo Memory

Do you remember that photo you took of that happy moment you spent camping with your best friends? What about that other great photo of the last concert you went to? By activating photographic memory of happy moments, you are allowing yourself an opportunity to visually recall specific details from those moments, including what you were wearing, what was happening in the background, who you were with, and the emotions being conveyed. So scroll through your social media or flip through old photo albums to relive some of your happier times.

Empower Yourself Through Song

Whether you consider yourself a music junky or not, most of us have our list of favorite songs that we can turn to depending on our mood. If you're like me, you likely have a jam for those moments of anger, co-worker stressors, family strife, relationship woes, and so on. So take a moment to rock out to your favorite de-stressing song whether it be in your car, at home, or privately in your headphones!

Whatever you choose to de-stress with, be sure it's something that is relaxing or fun, and if possible both!

Devin Pinkston is a local mental health counselor and Gender Therapist in Grand Junction Colorado. Call to schedule a free consultation today at 970-644-2392.

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