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Back to School Essentials-Trans and Non-Binary Edition

Whether you're in middle, high school, or college, back to school time can bring about a mixture of emotions. For trans and non-binary folks this is often a great time of anxiety. What may seem innocuous to the cis crowd such as picking out clothing and deciding to change your name on the teacher's roster these can be major steps for gender non-conforming individuals starting a new academic year. So as you gather your school supplies from your local department stores, check out our list of trans and non-binary essentials you might not be able to find in the back to school aisle!

Trans Males and Masculine Identified Individuals

Chest Binders

GC2B website

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One of the most popular sites, GC2B is for trans men or masculine leaning individuals to purchase chest binders in a variety of skin tones and sizes. These binders are LGBTQ+ designed and the company provides quality and affordable products. Check out their site today to find your perfect match!


*NOTE*- Sensitive and adult oriented content is listed on these sites. These sites are not pornographic in nature, but discuss and depict human genitalia in affirming ways for transgender individuals.


For those of you who are looking to feel more comfortable downstairs, check out the TransGuys reviews on different packers, ranging from everyday use, to a variety of synthetic flesh types, and STP's.

Another great site for more advanced and versatile packers is This site is for those who are versed in advanced prosthetic packers, and for those seeking a multi-use genital prosthetic. Gendercat is also not for the faint of heart financially! Although more on the expensive side, quality and confidence in the product is what you'll be receiving.

Transfeminine and Feminine Leaning Individuals


makeup artist

For many trans and femme individuals taking their first steps down the road of feminization, the world of makeup and skin care can be overwhelming! Hell, it can be overwhelming for us cis sisters too! Did you know Sephora offered specific beauty classes for transgender women? Although from brief searches in the Grand Junction, CO area, unfortunately there don't appear to be any offered locally at this time. However, this does not mean one could not be established on the western slope of Colorado. This is also great news in general to learn that Sephora as a brand is friendly and trans affirming.



Target made a big rainbow splash in 2016 after taking a public stance on being an LGBTQ+ inclusive retailer. Whether you're shopping in stores or online, we are in support of Target's advocacy!

Voice Training


Don't have the funds to shell out for a personal voice coach? Or can't find a voice coach near you? Try EVA, the phone app that helps you train your voice on your own time. If you're female identified you can find 3 training categories including feminization fundamentals, beyond fundamentals, and mastery of your feminine voice. For a minor cost of $4.99 per lesson, this comprehensive app is one of the most cost and time effective. At this time the EVA website lists IOS programs as the only compatible system to run their application on.

If EVA isn't your cup of tea there are a plethora of YouTube videos and channels aimed at the assistance of voice feminization. As there are many channels out there, some paid by advertisers, some actual voice coaches, some trans or cis individuals themselves, we did not want to pick just one or two. By simply searching "feminization voice training" or other similar terms you will be able to find what you're looking for.

Non-Binary Folks


non-binary person

Although some of the products listed above are not only for trans people, not all non-binary individuals prefer a truly masculine or feminine presentation in outer or personal appearance. To learn more about shopping in a gender neutral way, check out This website is tailored to all things gender neutral/gender queer, and includes tips about shopping for gender neutral clothes here.

There's also websites like that hosts a variety of accessories and clothing options for those who prefer a genderless clothing style.

If you are considering taking your first transitional steps this upcoming school year, or you find yourself struggling with difficult emotions don't hesitate to reach out to our therapists here at Identity Insights! Call us today to schedule your first appointment with one of our three therapists at 970-644-2392, or send us a private message on our homepage!

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